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23 nov 2013 Sergej Fedorov, dr. med., spec. nevrolog, Sergej Fedorov - PREDSTAVITEV. • 1979-1985 2002-2008 asistent prof. na katedri fizioterapije.

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A. A. Kilin of Udmurt State University, Izhevsk with expertise in: Computing in Mathematics, Natural Science, Engineering and Medicine, Mechanics and Newtonian Dynamics. Read 69 publications.

Agora was one of the first organizations in Russia to be classified as a "foreign agent" based on the Russian foreign agent law, on the grounds that it conducts political activity and receives foreign funding. As a response, Agora canceled its sources of foreign money and appealed to be removed from the list, without success.

The manufacturing of these machines was delegated to the workshops at the Izh Steelworks. At the same time, the Izh Steelworks got an order for manufacturing of five test baby cars NATI-2. In 1932, Mozharov and his coworkers went to Izhevsk where the manufacturing of the NATI-A-750 batch had started.

Russia - iucr.org.

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Past Asset/Inventory Supervisor (Directional Drilling Russia) at Weatherford, Supply Chain Coordinator at TransImportService LLC, Professional. Education Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU.